Turns your Mac mini into a workstation


smart workplace

ANIMAIONIC allows you to turn your Mac mini into the professional tool using a single and small yet powerful enclosure. It is a docking station for two graphic cards and four SSD drives with a built-in SD card reader. Your workplace becomes clean and organized so you can focus on your pending projects.

Power of graphic cards


ANIMAIONIC lets you provide your Mac mini with two powerful PCIe graphic cards supported by the newest macOS Catalina system. Graphic cards give incredible power boost to many 3D, video, photo and graphics applications. The graphic cards installed in the ANIMAIONIC are easily accessible for future upgrade.

comfort of storage increase

ANIMAIONIC allows you to connect up to four SSD drives which can translate to even 8TB extra space for your Mac mini data. Such significant storage gain allows you to comfortably work on large video, animation, graphics or sound projects.


handy SD card reader

ANIMAIONIC comes with a useful SD card reader built in on the front of the device to comfortably upload photos, music and videos for further editing. 

strong and convinient

ANIMAIONIC is equipped with a quiet, efficient and reliable power supply, suitable for powerful graphic cards and SSD drives. 
A set of standard ports is available on the back of the device: Ethernet, Thunderbolt 3, HDMI, two USB 3.1, audio mini jack.

even more storage

ANIMAIONIC can be enhanced with additional storage using SATA PCIe cards instead of graphic card(s). Each card have four slots for 2,5” SATA drives for up to 16TB storage space. These can be SSD or HDD drives. This is a perfect solution for file servers, archives, backups and other applications requiring a lot of data space.
(Scheduled for Q3/2020)


Apple Final Cut Pro X: BruceX project, Apple Motion*: Atmosphere project (Best Quality, DOF, Motion Blur), Apple Motion**: Atmosphere project – export + background render, DaVinci Resolve: Candle project, Geekbench5: Metal benchmarks, Cinema4D: Radeon Pro Render custom scene; LuxMark: full OpenCL test suite

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